Fly Me To You

4 Hour Minimum + Flight + Accommodation

- My usual rates plus all traveling costs are to be covered by you

- I would appreciate first class domestic and first class or business international.

- Accommodation and meeting point to be covered and handled by you

- %25 deposit plus all travelling expenses (taxi fare to airport) & plane ticket fare required in advance to secure booking.

- If we are new friends or have not yet built a strong connection, I may require a separate hotel for myself for the first night for us to build our connection and than the remainder of our trip we may share accommodations. If your someone who I have seen before, or were very social online and comfortable with eachother, Im more than happy to share accommodations our entire time together.

4 Hours $1000 + Flight + Accommodation
5 Hours $1200 + Flight + Accommodation
6 Hours $1400 + Flight + Accommodation
12 Hours - $1800 + Flight + Accommodation


One Full Day $2800 + Flight + Accommodation
Two Full Days - $3300 + Flight + Accommodation
Three Full Days - $3800 + Flight + Accommodation
1 Full Week - $6500 + Flight + Accommodation


All new friends must be screened. This is non negotiable. This is for my protection and yours only. I do not have an assistant handling my admin work. I am the only one who has access to my documents and files. All information you provide is for my eyes only and is destroyed after verification is complete. Screening is very easy and simple and I would consider it a "light" process. There are two options for me to screen you.

Reference: Your reference must be someone who is still active. I require their name, website, any active ads (If available) and Email address for me to contact them. I also ask you provide their twitter handle if they has one.  

Employment verification: I'll need your position, company name and website, your email and number you use for work and a linkedIn (if applicable). I "may" verify you by calling you directly on your work phone (Not without your consent first) Or by asking you to contact me via your Company email. I will also need a copy of your ID to verify the information you provided belongs to you. Your address and ID number can be covered, only your name and DOB needs to be visible.


*There is a non refundable deposit of 25% plus my train/plane fare due to confirm travel bookings. Accommodations and meeting point are to be handled by you and would need details of these emailed to me once our date is confirmed. The remaining is due once I arrive. Since we will be meeting in public, please hand over my donation discreetly in a gift bag or a magazine. I will greet you with a smile, hug and warm kiss as if we were long lost friends.


I require a minimum of 48H notice to cancel any travel bookings. Anything less is subject to a %50 cancellation fee. Its very important to keep in mind that I have expenses and arrangements to make in my personal life in order to secure our date and travel to you so any cancellations can make things difficult for me. Please keep in mind, since air/train fare was purchased in advance, this is also non re fundandable on my behalf if you need to cancel. If youd like to reschedule and switch dates on the tickets, you are responsible for all costs provided the airline allows. 


Piggy Bank

Think of it like a date on layaway ..

I understand sometimes finances can be an issue and my required donation does not meet everyones ability. I offer a helpful and useful feature called the "piggy bank." With this, you'll be able to contribute to your piggy bank as much as you'd like for future bookings instead of paying all up at once.

For example, if you'd like to book a 8 Hour date with me, but cannot come up with the funds all at once, you may contribute to your piggy bank until the required donation is saved up. Once the donation amount is saved for the desired booking session, you may then book a date. You may also contribute and then bring the remainder with you in person when we meet. I Keep records of those who contribute to their piggy bank, the amounts they contribute and the total in their piggy bank. Please note in order to participate, you must be a regular or prescreened friend.

Fill out the request form that you can access by clicking the link under my rates and allow 48 hours for me to reply.