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Fri - Sun 6AM - Late
FM2Y - All Year Round

Tour Schedule Here


Here you may prescreen and reserve time out of my schedule exclusively for you. I accept prescreening all year round!


When requesting a date, please make sure your first email includes the following..

Screening Information:

• Your full legal name 


• Contact Email & Phone number

• References/Employment Information

• Your Country/State

Reservation Information:

• Where and when you would like to meet me

• How long you were looking for our encounter to be 

• Kind of booking your seeking 

• Where you found me

• A bit about you

If the email inquiry you sent meets my protocol, sit back, relax and allow me 48 hours to reply to your inquiry while I check out your references or employment verification. I am very selective in who I choose to meet with. I apologize in advance if we cannot meet. For those I have the pleasure of meeting, I cant wait to make some memories with you!


 Prescreening in advance is for those who wish to meet me but do not have a set date in mind. This can help speed up process if I happen to be available "last minute" or wound up in your city and/or want to be given priority when booking. I accept prescreening all year round!
If Your ready to book, secure a date and screen all at once Please use the booking form below under "Reservations". This form is for screening ONLY. Not booking.


You may contact me via email but please make sure to include:

• Screening and Reservation information mentioned above.


* Fill out my booking form that I have spent time to set up for you. Friends who submit booking/screening inquiries via my booking form rather than email are also given priority as this is much rather preferred.

Please read my Etiquette page before contacting me.