Allow me to properly introduce myself..

So, you've liked what you read so far?

Now, if were trying to be long and detailed (But interesting) all you need to know is that you've found your favourite chocolate cake. But also known as a Boudoir Model and a travel and dinner companion based in Canada. I Can be found in Toronto and its surrounding areas. I frequently travel to Ottawa and Vancouver aswell. I like to travel worldwide so don't hesitate to reach out. I do love new places... 

 I am available to come to you in any 4/5 * Luxury Hotel or Private Condo, or if you’d prefer me to host, for an additional $200, I can provide an incall in an 4/5 * Luxury hotel or Private Condo. 

Whether it be, a romantic dinner sipping over wine, long conversations in the jacuzzi or spas, supporting your favorite sports team or concert, a night of movies and cuddles or a tropical getaway, the memories we will create will be ones to cherish forever.. I prefer long rendezvous over short engagements as I like to spend endless effort building our connection. 

I love to laugh and I love making you laugh. I can be both pleasing and charming with a frisky touch. You'll catch me giggling and smiling away through the night with lots of conversation! My mind can wonder and my imagination is wild. I love to travel, my job  has granted me the opportunity to see places I've only dreamed of .. Im passport ready and would love to be whisked away to a tropical island, for you to bring me to your city to show me around or accompany you on a business trip. You’ll find I have a very risqué persona but appear, tame and innocent.  My giggles and eye flutters will paint a very innocent picture to the outside, but you lover, you’ll be intrigued by how fluent I am in naughty talk.  Plus with my charming smiles, you’ll want to whisk me away and keep me forever.

Along with building and maintaining a genuine and stress free connection with you, I also specialize in healing a broken or scarred heart, helping those facing depression and those who had suffered a loss. As someone who personally went through these things, I can provide valuable information, advice and support to help you through if you ever feel you want to open up to me about your personal problems.  Many often times we go through obstacles that may break us. I’m proud to say that during our time together some of my friends have vouched that my company and support helped them through rough times. 

I’m honored to be able to provide the comfort and support my clients seek. Anything that you share with me on our time together will never be shared with anyone else as your privacy and mine is most important.

When were not together, you can catch me in the cities hottest rooftop bars, the spa's & lounges, relaxing anywhere theres a hot tub or playing pool and catching drinks or a bite to eat with my girlfriends. You can also sometimes find me in the city coffee shops (Tm Hortons is my fav!) with my Mac, music and steeped tea. My crave and obsession for tropical tree's, white sand & beaches, pink skies and adventures sends me on frequent travels, even if I'm solo..I get adventurous, a wander bird. Even during tour, you will catch me exploring my whereabouts. Especially if in new city...

I am very active online and you can learn more about me and find out what makes my toes curl, my favourite goodies, my model photos and schedules and all my journeys...

So come look for me  on twitter and instagram. Don't hesitate to reach out or tell me how pretty you think I look either .. I won't bite. Unless you ask me to..

I cherish memories, especially our first ones we will have together. First impressions is everything, I’ll remember it forever. It’s the make or break when meeting me. 

So, are you still going to keep me waiting darling?..

Yours, Natalie ..