Please note I only offer Outcall appointments within the Toronto District and its surrounding areas. Incalls can be arranged for an additional $200 fee. Tour rates are for both incall and outcall. I require at least a minimum of 48 hours advance for appointments to properly arrange accommodation (for incall requests) and to verify your screening information. If you are a regular friend, I may be able to accept same day bookings with a minimum of 3 hours notice but please note same day requests are not guaranteed. Please note Incall booking fees of $200 is required to be paid along with booking fee. This extra fee is for me to arrange the appropriate accommodations to host you.



There is a non refundable booking fee of $100 to secure your booking for appointments in Toronto. ($200 Extra for Incall requests) Booking fee's go towards total cost of donation. This is due at the time of the confirmed booking and the remaining is due upon our meet. When I am accepting bookings for my tours a %25 deposit of donation is due at the time of confirmed booking. Due to the costs snd travelling involved with touring, deposits are non refundable. Bookings aren't confirmed or reserved until deposits/booking fee's has been collected. This is extremely important to ensure and guarantee your spot during my tour and to ensure you are serious about your inquiry. The same applies for Travel/FM2Y requests with a %25 deposit + Train/Plane expenses & accommodations. Deposits in general are simply to ensure a guaranteed meet, to reserve my time only for you and/or to cover my traveling cost. If you cancel late you forfeit this fee. However should I need to cancel, I will return this fee to you in full. Prepayments aren't mandatory but are welcome.


A 2 hour booking Outcall would only require a $100 booking fee upfront to confirm booking. $500 remaining upon meet, unless contributed to piggy bank.

A 2 hour booking Incall would only require $100 booking fee + $200 Incall fee upfront to confirm booking. $500 remaining upon meet, unless contributed to piggy bank.



Please respect my time and i will respect yours. I require a minimum of 24 hours to cancel our appointment (48 for travel) anything less is subject to a %50 Cancellation fee. If a cancellation fee isn't made, I will terminate our relationship and you may not book with me again in the future. If the appointment is canceled with at least 24 hour notice, I will refund you in full or we can reschedule if you wish. After two consecutive cancellations, I will no longer accept bookings from you. If I have to cancel, I will return any deposits or booking fee's in full. Cancellation fee's can be made via ETransfer to or by credit card/ Visa Debit via invoice.

For tours, I need up to a week notice to cancel appointments. Anything less is subject to a 50% cancellation fee.



Money paid is for my time and company only. I reserve the right to only see respectful and generous gentlemen and women and reserve the right to decline and leave any arrangement if i feel unsafe or disrespected. My rates are non negotiable. I accept cash, Interact e-transfer and credit cards for my donation. At the beginning of our meet please leave my donation in an unsealed envelope or card marked "Ms Jackson" in clear sight. Please don't make me have to ask for it as it ruins the time together. If I am coming to you please have donation in an envelope marked "Ms. Jackson" in clear view in the restroom. If meeting in public, please place my donation in cash in a gift bag or magazine and hand it to me, don't count the donation or take it out and then place in gift bag. Discretion and subtlety is important for both of us . If paying by ETransfer, donation must be received prior to the beginning of our date. 


Before Our Date

I "Check In" a day prior to our rendezvous via email or text. Once booking is confirmed and screening is complete, you are welcome to contact me VIA SMS up until our meet.

Upon arrival I expect you appear sober and drug free. I will terminate the date immediately if you show up under the influence or if I feel unsafe at any point. You may either freshen up at my incall location as I will have the proper supplies to do so, or you may prepare yourself before travelling to me. Hygiene is important so please make sure to be well groomed and freshly cleaned. 

If your required donation hasn't been contributed to your piggy bank, I expect my full donation in an unsealed envelope marking "Ms. Jackson" in clear sight.

After our date

After our time together I would appreciate if you could remember a few things. If we ever cross paths in public, please do not try to approach me even if I seem like I am alone because I am most likely not. If I see you in public, I will not try to approach you.

I do not accept reviews, however your welcome to send me a lovely "thank you" email or small testimony with the chance of me publishing it on my site.

Even though we had a meet I expect you to still respect my time and not abuse the privilege of contacting me unless you have intentions of seeing me again in the near future. Texts and emails to check in once in a while are more than welcome and you may communicate with me on social media!


The remaining information on this page is just extra information that is optional to read.

Frequently Asked Questions..


what will you be wearing to our date?

Discreet is important to me. However, that doesn't mean I will show up looking like a grandmother. I will come in casual or business clothing - most likely with lingerie specifically worn for you, underneath - I also take clothing requests provided I have what you are asking for. You are also welcome to purchase it for me!
I will not show up with 10 inch hooker heels and fishnets, with circus makeup smelling of cheap perfume.
Im very classy and upscale and take pride in my appearance. I take time and effort to prepare myself for you. My wardrobe consists of casual blouses and skirts, dresses, dress pants, trench coats, sweatpants and tights, jeans and casual long sleeves. And of course, lingerie.
Ill most likely appear in a black dress with a trench coat and heels. I can also appear "Casual" With jeans and a blouse with casual footwear.


How discreet are you?

If you wish, I am willing to sign a non- disclosure agreement as I truly understand how important being discreet is as I have a separate life from this one. I handle all my emails and inquiries. When you share your personal information it is never shared with anyone else. I will only call or text your phone number when you've given me permission to do so otherwise I will contact you via email. I dress and carry myself a certain way to look classy and elegant but not in a way to draw unwanted attention to ourselves. I do take requests, provided I have what you are asking for. Otherwise your welcome to purchase it for me! 

If I am coming to you and you have colleagues staying in the same hotel as you, please inform me of this before hand so I am aware.

Once screened and you become a client, information is destroyed forever. 

The only information I keep of my clients on file are

-Name and DOB

-Contact information (cell/email)

-Based city 

-Last date booked. 


what is a piggy bank?

I understand sometimes finances can be an issue and my required donation does not meet everyones ability. I offer a helpful and useful feature called the "piggy bank." With this, you'll be able to contribute to your piggy bank as much as you'd like for future bookings instead of paying all up at once.

For example, if you'd like to book a 8 Hour date with me, but cannot come up with the funds all at once, you may contribute to your piggy bank until the required donation is saved up. Once the donation is amount is saved for the desired booking session, you may then book a date. You may also contribute and then bring the remainder with you in person when we meet. I Keep records of those who contribute to their piggy bank, the amounts they contribute and the total in their piggy bank. Please note in order to participate, you must be a regular or prescreened friend. This feature is best for friends who are positive they want to meet me in the future either in my based city, while im on tour or for travel.

what methods of payment do you take for donations, deposits and cancellation fees?

For deposits and cancellations I accept E transfers or i'll email you an invoice which you can securely pay your fee via credit card or visa debit. Sometimes ill accept Amazon or Uber Canadian gift cards as payment (This is not always available). For donations, prepayment can be made via Etrasnsfer or pay an invoice by credit card or debit card.

If you are familiar with "Square Reader" This is the company I use for my business to handle deposits and to create and send out invoices.


Where do you tour?

I am based in Toronto, Ontario but I have built a regular clientele in Ottawa and Vancouver. With this, I'm privileged too be able to tour those cities often. I sometimes tour new cities if I have enough interest. If you don't see your city on my tour schedule i'm always available to fly to your city exclusively for you! I am passport ready and waiting for our adventure! 
I do tour to the US occasionally, however only to a couple states. For safety reasons I do not publicly disclose my US Tour dates, instead I give a rough estimate by providing the month I am interested in visiting. Please prescreen to get my exact US Tour dates I Do take City Requests. If your city is not on my schedule or tours, feel free to send me a email indicating which city you'd like me to visit. Cities with enough interest make it possible for me to arrange a tour.

Are your photos real?

Yes. My photos are 100% real with minimal or no editing done. You can follow my social media accounts where I post non professional (candid) photos aswell. The only edit to my photos are to blur my face for discreet reasons as I live a separate life from this one.


Will you travel to me? Do you offer overngihts?

YES! I absolutely love traveling. I would travel all the time if I could. I require a minimum 1 week advance notice and a booking minimum of 4 Hrs for "Fly Me To You" bookings. I am passport ready and waiting for you.

- My usual rates plus all traveling costs are to be covered by you

- I would appreciate first class domestic and first class or business international.

- Accommodation and meeting point to be covered and handled by you

- 25% Deposit plus all travelling expenses required in advance to secure booking.

- If were new friends or have not built a strong connection, I may require I have a separate hotel room for myself. If we've met before, i'm more than happy to share accommodations! 

I will book my own flight and it is to be reimbursed by you. Hotel accommodations and meeting point are to be arranged by you. Get in touch with me to let me know where and when you'd like me to meet, duration of date and I will provide you with my availability and rate

During travel dates, I do require few hours a day for some "me" time to look, feel and be my best for you.

Travel wishlist: fiji, bora bora, vegas, australia, dubai, italy, rome, bali, hong kong, morrocco, beverly hills, miami, hawaii, greece, maldives, tulum

And Yes! I do overnights for 12 hours, 24 hours and a weekend! When booking an overnight, I require beauty sleep and a minimum of 1 hour (12 Hour bookings) or 2 Hours (24 hour bookings) for myself to look and feel my best for you. For weekend bookings I will need 2 hours a day to myself to feel and look my best for you. During this time I will handle all my personal matters on my phone as the rest of my time is exclusively for you.


What is your review policy?

At this time I am asking friends to keep our engagements between just the two of us.  I prefer to keep the details of our date off of the internet. If you'd like to submit a testimony to me you may do so at my email, and I may include it somewhere along my site. Some of the best and recent things said about me from friends are posted around my site for future lovers to see. I eventually will be making a testimonial page.


May I use you as a reference?

Of course! You may use me as a reference to give to another provider you are requesting to see. Please contact me first prior to listing me as a reference. I will provide a reference up to 1 year from our last date.


Are we allowed to bring gifts?

I never ask anything of my friends. Honesty, loyalty and respect is what matters most to me. However should you feel you would like to bring a gift to our engagement, you are more than welcome to surprise me. I love surprises! you can check out my wishlist to see all things i love. You are more than welcome to bring a beverage other than water -such as wine, especially bubbly- to our date. Note i am a social light drinker.  Tips and roses (which I adore) are also welcome.


What do you like to drink?

I Love bubbly! Sparkling wine of any sort is my favourite. I also love red wine and champagne. But if were talking non alcoholic, Barqs root beer is my absolute favourite! 

Do you offer to bring friends / See couples?

Yes and Yes! I also see women! I am attracted to females by nature. The more the merrier! Current friends and those who have been prescreened may navigate to my friends Page to access my available girlfriends who can come along on our date! This page is password protected for security purposes.


Do you offer prescreening for the future?

I allow future potential clients to be pre screened in advance if they are unsure of a solid date they can book an appointment with me. If you would like to be pre screened to skip this part in the future when you decide to book a appointment, you can do so by filling out the form on my reservations page.  Once you have successfully been pre screened I encourage clients to interact and communicate with me to ease any nerves prior to our date. You may book via email or SMS  (Name, number, email, preferred contact method, desired session, date and location) 

What Information do you need to be screened?

All new friends must be screened. This is for my protection only given the new state laws. All information you provide is for my eyes only. Screening is very easy and simple. There are three options for me to screen you.

Screening Options:

Employment Verification


Please note I "May" ask you to quickly show me your ID upon our meet.

Reference: Your reference must be someone who is still active. I require their name, website, any active ads (If available) and Email address. I also ask you provide their twitter handle if they has one. 
employment verification: Ill need your occupation, your email you use for work and your work website. I "may" verify you by calling you directly on your work phone (Not without your consent) Or by asking you to email me directly via your company email.

Inquiries with missing information or explicit content will be ignored. I receive a decent volume of emails and prioritize accordingly.
*Longer appointments and prepaying friends are first priority!


Fees that may be required:

Booking fee - $100 (Due within 2 hours once booking is confirmed, remaining donation due upon meet)

Incall - Additional $200 (Due with booking fee)

Cancellation Fee - %50 (Due within 2 hours upon cancellation)

Fly Me To You / Travel Deposits - %25 (Due within 2 hours once booking is confirmed)

Me Travel To You (Out Office/Out Call) - + $50 (Due Before I Travel To You)

Tour Bookings Deposit - %25 Of donation (Due Within 2 Hours once booking is confirmed)

Snapchat Subscription - $100 for Lifetime


Accepted payment methods:


Interact E-Trasnfer

Amazon/ Uber GC (Canada) (Not always available & for Deposits Only)

All Major Credit Cards/ Visa Debit Card