Our time together..

Always a Girlfriend Experience, Always a Geniune Experience..
Each and every encounter I have is different. No experience is the same as another. Each is unique and different for me and my friend of the moment.

You can ensure though, you’ll be greeted with my glowing smile and a soft and tender kiss on your cheek. 

Wether we’re going to travel on an adventure together, exchanging laughs over dinner, spending a night or weekend away, me and you are going to create unforgettable memories to cherish,

Our time together will be nothing but positive vibes, laughs and building up our intimacy. I enjoy my job as a companion and it shows with everything I say and do.I Enjoy all the stories you'll want to share with me, that ill gladly get comfortable to listen to, or just take time to make you laugh and support.

You'll find my companionship is genuine and free of drama and stress you'd find in typical relationships. 

-Do not contact me in attempt to exchange money for sexual or illegal acts. Doing so will result in being blacklisted, termination of inquiry and relationship.

Who I spend my time with

The clientele - 

Men & Women who are friends and lovers no matter how far apart we are..

Im selective in who I see. My clientele consists of both men and women.

I am not for everyone, but I ensure you that if your liking what you've read so far, when you put a face to my name, you'll only wonder why you waited so long to meet me.

I find my selective taste only brings me the best clientele as all my friends are respectful and generous people. I see them as unforgettable lovers I am honored spend my time with and consider as friends. I cherish memories and I also remember the first ones. 

First impressions is everything, I’ll remember it forever. It’s the make or break when meeting me. 

My clients are all from different professions from both inside and outside of Toronto who seek similar interests and desires as myself.  I’ve built regular and consistent relationships while in tour, giving me choices to go to when I want to wander away from my city for a while. Accompanying some of them during travel to tropical resorts and new places or my comfort and company on their solo business trips. Each and every one of my lovers know my passion for air miles and travel and never fail to think of me when planning time away. If my clients are not anything, they are loving, caring, devoted and sincere. Regardless of our location or distance apart, I can count on my regular friends to check up on me when we’re not together - especially if they follow me on social media’s and see I’m having a bad day - To gift and spoil me and to appreciate me and all I have to offer. They give me the privilege to see and experience some things I could only ever dream of. My clients can always count that when we travel anywhere, I’ll be lingerie packed and ready for our rendezvous.

I can always count on my lovers to respect me and my time when we are not together. They are aware and understand my expectations shall we ever bump heads outside of our encounter in public. 

For all that my friends do for me, I make sure I spend countless hours and efforts to make sure each encounter is better than the last. 

With my clients, it’s never “Goodbye” but instead “Until we meet again.”
Theres a reason they always come back for more and become regular friends.


Incall/Outcall bookings

Your experience with me will be an experience where you will never feel lonely, judged or out of place. I love my job as a companion. I enjoy making you smile and giving you a reason to look forward to our next meet. I am extremely open minded lady, I’ll try almost anything atleast once. I am available for you to come to me or I will gladly come to you in upscale Private Condo's and 4-5* Hotels. Enjoy an un rushed and sensual evening with me. Overnights are my favourite. Casual dates can be short, or they can be a bit lengthy.. Never a bad time though. I enjoy short encounters but prefer longer dates as I like to spend time to build that connection. However I understand sometimes you can be in a rush if your schedule doesn’t allow you that extra time. 

Relax, Unwind and let me ease your mind with comfort, love and compassion. Spend some time with me on another level. We can sip some bubbly or snack on some yummy fruits during conversations and laughter before we get tangled in eachother. Im a fantastic listener aswell, If your down, need advice or just a shoulder to lay on, I will gladly comfort and give you mine to lean on. I also have a selection of friends who would love to join us should you crave double the company.

If I’m coming to you, I’m not hard to please ... you and some wine is all I need. Anything else is just a bonus .....
We'll become well acquainted and once we do, our future adventures and time together will be a stringful of unforgettable memories. 

Starting donations for my companionship & time:

1 Hour - $400
2 Hour - $600

Incall Additional $200

.. See remaining on home page.

Social dates bookings

I enjoy social dates because I love to do new things and explore. Let’s grab come drinks, cocktails? A stroll by the lake? Maybe a concert or movie or a beach trip. Whatever you want to do, I’m all ears darling! Just let me hold your hand as we get to know one another and do some fun excursions together.

Starting donations donations for my companionship & time:

1 hour - $200

.. See remaining on home page.

Dinner Date, Niagara and Blue mountain Bookings

* Dinner and Niagara Date are same rates, however different lengths because time to travel to and from niagara has been taken into consideration. For Niagara and Blue mountain dates, I ask we travel to our destination together, however shall we have eachother overnight, accommodations are to be covered by you.

Let me be your tour guide to my city if your coming to me. I’ll show my city, I’ll show you my town and I’ll hold your hand while we explore around ... 

want to soak up some sun on one of the cities best rooftops? Or a patio lunch/dinner with a nice city or lake view? 

We can sip on some nice cool summer drinks, have you make fun of me while I fall during our ice skating dates, concerts or festivals, shopping and spa dates? How about we spend the day or better yet, the night at niagara. Discover the lake, view beautiful insights and eat good food.

We could also spend some time near the mountains at blue mountain. Hold hands as we wonder the village and explore new sights.

My company both inside and outside the bedroom will have you already planning our next date together. Im extremely open minded and down to earth, I would love for you to surprise me with an evening of fun excursions, especially if it involves roses, bubbly and some juicy steak!

Reminder of donations for my companionship & time:

UP TO 6 Hours - $1400

Incall Additional $200


Overnight Booking

Fall asleep in the arms of an angel and wake up to her and breakfast the morning after. Overnight bookings allow us to do anything and everything inside and outside our place  with the hours we will have together.

I enjoy cuddles as much as I do food. Morning cuddles are my favorite! Wake up next to me, smiling and thinking of the magical day we had prior and how before we went to sleep, I made your dreams come true. Overnights are the best type of bookings because our connection is best built as we spend hours on top of hours learning and exploring each other mind, body and soul.

We'll be cuddling and oozing over each other as we talk about the day we just had together..
Your girlfriend for the night.

Starting donations for my companionship & time:

12 Hours - $1800 
16 Hours - $2100

Incall Additional $200

.... See remaining on home page.

Travel / Fly me to you Bookings

Business Trip, Tropical Getaway..
I love travelling. Im always catching wanderlust. A simple lady who loves seeing new things and places. if you dont see your city in my schedule and tours, im passport ready and able to fly to you for dates within Canada and International. Please note I do not travel to some states in the US (Please inquire) and I do require a minimum of a 4 Hr booking for travelling.
Expect us to have the time of our lives together. Exploring, laughing and creating memories is all apart of what makes travelling fun. When you have the right company it can make the experience even better. Hold my hand and lets escape for a bit together.

I would travel 24/7 if I could. Write me off as a business expense or home renovation if you have to! Let’s travel baby! 

Let’s go somewhere tropical and sunny or somewhere with beautiful Mountain View’s. On a business trip? Want a fine lady to vent to and seek comfort from after a long snd stressful meeting at work? I’m your lady. 

I don’t mind exploring new cities ... so I would be honored to even fly to you in a new city I have never been to. Why not bring me to your home town and show me around ?

My Travel bookings are always the best ones to remember. Once we build that connection and get acquainted, travel can be incredibly fun and rewarding. I would love to see new sights, walk the sands of the beaches, explore the mountains, See new animals, enjoy new foods and I want to do it all with you.

Starting donations for my companionship & time:

Minimum 4 Hours + Train/Plane Ticket + Accommodation

.... See remaining information on home page.

For the Ladies & Couples Bookings

 I love seeing women just as much. I am attracted to women by nature in my personal life so please do not hesitate to contact me if you desire a booking. I'm available for the same encounters as I am for men.

Lets do some girly excursions together, or kick it at the incall and order room service. Eachother for dessert?

I also enjoy the company of couples and would be honoured to host you and your partner. With me, its always easy. I do require both parties to be aware of the encounter and require information from both in order to proceed forward.

Natalie After Dark - Snapchat Premium Subscription

Enjoy my daily life adventures, my tease shows and sexy content, a glimpse of my beautiful facial features and most importantly the nights I’m alone ..

I can be quite... vulgar when the night time comes around. I offer snapchat premium for my friends to enjoy me in motion, dirty selfies and my everyday excursions.. Wont you join me? Possibly my girlfriends too?
Send me video chats and ill send one back too!
I also take show requests, enjoy the show!

$100 For lifetime