Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles | Sans Fransisco | San Diego 

If you are based in any of the places listed above, This blog is mostly for you...

I plan to tour California sometime the fall, The state that gets me is the one who shows the most interest.

Last time I traveled to California was in November 2017 at the Sand And Surf Resort. I dream to go back there or experience a new location in California.

I was honoured to be whisked away by a client to Los Angeles to an amazing resort. We then drove across the highway to San Diego and Sans Fransisco where we stayed our last night. Along the way we "winged it" Just driving along the pacific highway, choosing the first restaurant and hotel we would see that caught our interest.

We had an amazing adventure and I don't even think we slept! We were having so much fun before we realized the sun went up and down and we didn't want our day to end. We took dozens of photos to cherish forever. 

To this day, he is still a client who I see from time to time. when I am not with him he sends me emails to check in and Gift cards here and there.

Ive had the honour to go to some other places with amazing clients, but California has always been a dream for me and I feel like I want to live it one more time.

I do get inquiries from California, however I never thought to tour there until now.

I Plan to tour (Provided I get enough prebookings) Los Angeles California in the fall (September) but the state that shows the most interest will have me. Unless of course someone from LA decides to whisk me for a whole day!

Im available for Fly Me To You bookings to accompany you for either a Personal or Business trip.
If you are based in the states above, and have ever taken some interest in me, I am willing to offer a discount of %20 off my Fly Me To You Bookings if you fly me to you in California. Screening is still mandatory.

My idea date:

We spend a few days to a week in LA, exploring the coast together. Whatever happens in between, well .. What happens in California, stays in California!
Lots of wanders, exploring, cuddles, jacuzzi fun, patio dining, photo taking, exploring sites, watch the sunset/sunrise, soak and walk along the beach shore.... all the romance you can think of....


Are you from California? Have you ever taken interest in me and would like to fly me to you for my companionship?  Nows your chance for a discounted rate as I would absolutely love to explore California again!
Even if you haven't socialized with me before, I encourage you to read through my website to learn alittle bit about me... 
I am on social media, so don't be afraid to follow me!

Hope to see you in LA soon, darling ...