My Perfect Date..

Lover Of Wine, Steak & Roses

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Im quite simple. I enjoy the small and simple things in life. A stroll in the park with ice cream, A walk by the lake holding hands, Breathing in nature, exploring new places... I love it all.

The best gifts to me are, Wine, roses and a steak dinner :D ... I enjoy Back massages also ;)

A perfect date?
Well, that would be hard to picture and put down on paper. Only because I never had a "perfect" date. Whats perfect? However, Ive had plenty memorable and enjoyable dates.

Nothing is perfect. Hell if anything could be, we'd all be smiling. But I've had the honour of meeting some of the best men and being taken to places I could only dream of.

Ive had dates where we would spend hours in a restaurant, talking and laughing about anything and everything. Loosing track of time, telling eachother stories - happy ones. By the time were alone together, it felt like we've known each other for years! 

Personally, the best dates are the ones I seem to replay in my head the morning after. Ive had several of these.

Ive had encounters where we did spa dates, or social outings, travel (California was my favourite) and even wine tasting! That was new and exciting! I even had one special date where we went for a long drive with no destination after we had some good steak. We played old throwback music, sang along songs we knew together, and just drove back roads. It was incredibly fun and comforting.
When we got back to our incall, We enjoyed the rest of the night over bubbly, cuddles and.. well, I don't kiss and tell :)

I dream of a date where I can escape In nature with a gentlemen. Maybe a cottage or cabin, somewhere overlooking the lake. Where we could watch the sunrise together, possibly over a bonfire. Roasting marshmallows together, before we snuggle to bed. 
If its one date I would like to have, would be in the nature. The wilderness ... Out of the City. (No trailers though :P)

Another date I dream is to escape to Niagara for a night. Have a romantic dinner, somewhere we both never been. Enjoy activities by the falls and maybe cross the boarder to buffalo for a quick shopping trip? 
Blue mountain would be a great day trip for a date. I would love to explore the village and take a dunk in the spring baths with you! The drive up to the mountains would be time for us to talk and get to know one another. By the end of the day, we will want to be leaping In each others arms!

Overnight and dinner dates are the best because it gives us time to learn about each other before we please each other. It gives us a chance to build that intimacy and connection. Plus, Who doesn't like good food and morning cuddles?

I love to travel and would hardly ever say no to a travel inquiry. Bring me to your town, show me around or lets go somewhere thats completely new to the both of us all while holding my hand along the way.

Each encounter is different, but each encounter so far has left me with a piece of memory I will cherish forever. I am grateful for my clients and all they do for me when we are not together and when we are together, they make sure I am well taken care of.

I believe my screening protocol brings me in the best and noble clients, thus I will continue to do this.

What would you do on a date with me?

Wine me, dine me? Escape with me in the nature? Maybe dinner on a boat? or a picnic on the beach?

Or have a full day pampering together. Drinks on the rooftop? A stroll downtown? A Tour of my city if your new here?
Or maybe you'd like to keep me all to yourself and just connect over some delicious room service and bubbly.

Let me show you what I would have in mind and what time like me would be like...


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