2019 Bucket List


I’ve never really actually took the time to write down all the things I’ve wanted to do and I thought to myself, whynot? You only live once and tomorrow is never promised. I thought it would be cool to write down some fun and exciting(but not too crazy) things I’d like to do in the upcoming year. Let’s be real here, I KNOW I probably won’t be able to knock everything off this list, but I sure as hell would like to knock off as many as I can! Hopefully you can help me knock some off on a date with me 💕 


- Skinny dip late night on a beach  

- Have a candled dinner by beach or lake

- Spend one week at a cottage

- Spend all day at the spa (literally!) 

- Drive out of town just to try a new restaurant  

- Road trip to Florida  

- Stay in and order room service for all 3 meals that day.  

- Cuddle by the fireplace 

- Spend a night in a Penthouse suite  

- Go to London UK

- Go to California again

- Go on a cruise with a group  

- Shopping trip in NY

- Travel on a plane to and from a destination in the same day(just to say I did it!😁😋) 

- Go fishing

- Go Utah (most likely won’t happen) 

- Spend all night around the bonfire with food and bubbly

- A photoshoot on a boat

- Go to the casino in Las Vegas (pretty typical) 

- Travel to Greece, Tulum or Bali

- Babysit a group of puppies for a full day

- A huge meetup somewhere for providers to meet one another.  

- Attend an Orgy Party

- Drive along the coast in California  

- Visit Florida to see my inspiration. (He passed away but would love to visit his resting place) 

- See inside a recording studio

-  Go and feed the homeless

- See dolphins  

- Try a cooking class (I can cook but I would like to learn new things!) 

- Play with a monkey

- Rent a fancy car  

- Donate to 3 charities  

- Fly business with a good friend

- Spend one week without outside food  

-  Go to a rose garden

- Go to a honey moon resort  

Natalie Jackson